Turkey is a beautiful country with deep cultural roots and strategic geographic importance. It is also on the way to becoming one of the central hubs for European trade and business. Turkey is at an up-and-coming location with most trade routes passing through it giving it financial and economic advantages. Becoming a citizen of Turkey can have many benefits for investors. These benefits also affect their family, and especially their children.

There are several ways to apply for Turkish citizenship but the easiest and most beneficial method of becoming a Turkish citizen is with the Citizenship by Investment Program. Citizenship by Investment Program allows foreigners that have invested a specific amount in a country to apply for its citizenship. Turkey is amongst the highly-developed countries that also has an effective and beneficial Citizenship Investment Program.

Citizenship by Investment Program in Turkey

The Citizenship by Investment Program in Turkey is one of the globally rising investment programs and has grown in popularity in the last few years. Every year thousands of investors from all around the world apply to this program to both acquire the citizenship of one of the most prestigious countries and gain benefits from their investments.

Qualifications and Requirements
Investors of all countries can apply for Turkish citizenship.
There is no age, education, language requirement for the investor
(*)Syria, North Korea, South Cyprus, Cuba, Eritre nationals can not acquire property, they can apply citizenship via other options. (bank deposit, purchase of funds, creating employment, fixed capital investment)
Alongside an investor, his/her spouse and children under 18 years old can be included in the same application. There is no additional fee for dependent applicants.
Applicants can choose between different methods of investment, with a minimum amount of 250.000 USD
The investments must be held for at least 3 years. Real Estate investors would gain rental income benefits during this 3 years and Bank Deposit investors are allowed to gain and spend interest income.
Required Documents
The Steps Involved

The process of applying for Turkish citizenship has been made very simple and is designed to be completed quickly.

Investment: Title Deed Transfer shall be made and Certificate of Conformity shall be issued.
Investor Residence Permit Application: After the Certificate of Conformity is issued, RP application will be made.
Citizenship Application: After residence permit is approved, citizenship application shall be made for the whole family.
Cost Effective Investment Method: Investment via Real Estate

Most common and in-demand method of investment is the Citizenship by Real Estate model. The Citizenship by Real Estate model is the model with the lowest minimum requirement for an investment, that being 250.000 USD. The investor can purchase any kind of real estate of his/her choice, and will only have to hold this investment for 3 years. After reaping the benefits of their investment for this time, the investor will be free to dispose of their real estate in any manner they see fit.

A Strong Passport

The Turkish Passport is a strong passport thanks to the bilateral diplomatic ties and the international prestige of the Republic of Turkey. There are more than 110 countries that do not require a visa for Turkish Passport holders and the visa liberalization process continues with the European Union member countries.

The full list of visa free countries can be accessed here:


The Turkish Passport will be your second passport and best investment that includes social security and healthcare benefits and will open the world’s doors for you and your family, including the USA E-2 Investor Visa.

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