LP Legal is a law firm based in Istanbul. We provide full service on legal and regulatory matters to our local and foreign clients. LP Legal, with its dynamic team, has global experiences in working with high-profile clients and thus is fully aware of business operations in the global marketplace.

We practice in a wide range of areas of law, mainly Real Estate and Construction Law, Corporate Law, and Law on Foreigners. We assist corporates and individuals by our consultant and litigation services in diverse areas. With our experience-based and client-centered approach, we aim to reach issues for a swift solution as far as possible. Our team serves in Turkish, English, Arabic and Chinese.

Based on our clients` demands, we provide full legal service to individuals and corporations.

How do we work?

• We give monthly or project-based legal advice to our clients.
• We analyze and draft contracts and letters in Turkish, English, Arabic and Chinese.
• We assist our clients with transactions in public offices.
• We give opinions on a specific matter in dispute.
• We represent our clients during litigation and follow their execution and bankruptcy process.